M.W. Strength & Conditioning
Serious fitness with an edge of irreverence
"Norm is a great guy who will train you to be at your best."

Chris Drury, New York Rangers
"Over the past sixteen years Norm has been an integral part of my development. From High School to the NHL he has helped me adapt and excel. He has the unique ability to bring out the best in any athlete at any level."
Brian Pothier, Washington Capitals
"Norm is constantly doing new and different exercises which satisfy the varying needs of a diverse spectrum of sports and athletes."

Sarah Schwald, 1995 NCAA Champion, University of Arkansas
"Norm is a great instructor with excellent knowledge of Olympic lifting and strength training techniques."
Mike Boyle, World Renowned strength and conditioning expert
"Training with Norm for the better half of my high school career put me two steps ahead when entering a college football program as a freshman."
Alexander Grande, Bryant Football, Captain
"Norm's ability to make a hockey players calves tiny but keep the strength necessary to allow him to play professional hockey is astonishing. I would recommend him to anyone who does not want to wear shorts in their lifetime."
Andrew McPherson, Hannover Indians, Germany
“For any athlete to reach his or her potential and get to the next level of athletic performance they need that one special person on their team; that person is Norm.”
Steve Charest, Dartmouth High School Tennis Coach
"Norm's work with our baseball program has helped paved the way and allowed many of our players to play at the collegiate level."
John Seed, New Bedford High School Baseball Coach
"Norm's experience, credentials and vast knowledge of training methods are something to be admired. He doesn't just tell you how, he teaches you why."
Mike Cappello, Dartmouth High School Hockey Coach